Zoe Methode Traditionelle 2012


Definitely an afternoon pre dinner style – lovely persistent bead, stone fruits and earthy characters befitting a methode with a little age and predominantly Pinot Noir fruit.



Straw gold with the merest hint of a pink tinge from the near 90% Pinot Noir composition. Demonstrates a persistent bead – pleasing since it is 4 years old. Ripe, but not super ripe, stone fruits and earthy characters on the nose – it is definitely Pinot noir. There are complex, interesting characters on the nose, not at all like sign-posted fruits from a Hawkes Bay orchard. Crisp, dry apple palate – smooth tannins, broad palate length, and not overtly acidic or sweet, just…ideal, in my mind. There is a MLF lactic acid slight funkiness, but no aggressive green notes or phenolic bitterness. Palate is a gentle, broad textural with no jarring sharp or angular parts, just a gentle acid and slight autolysis character. As an afternoon pre dinner style – lovely. With some shellfish and the right salsa (something that has a tang to it) it would be wonderfully matched, or even with its most normal partner – strawberries. That and the context – which would be the first silent sunrise of a long weekend away.

In brief: Lovely, aged Methode Blanc de Noir, with a gentle broad palate that is developed beautifully. pH 3.24, TA 8.4g, Alcohol 13.5%, Champagne Cork, RRP $60.