Estate Pinot Noir 2020


Pale and lightly hued. Elegant, perfumed spice, berries and oak notes. Complex aromas – not a simple one fruit trick pony, this wine has developed and developing characters. Warm entry on the palate, with typical Martinborough arresting tannins and a hint of acid. The oak and tannin interplay on the back palate suggest this wine is for special meals based on the hunting calendar.



We made this in the typical Porter fashion; hand picked then destemmed over a tank with a small amount of whole bunch fruit added to the ferment. The pre-ferment maceration of the grapes allows the pigments/colour to be extracted prior to the alcoholic fermentation. We kept the cap wet by a gentle plunge and allowed the ferment to kick off naturally, and generally followed this up with a cultured yeast. Between 19 and 21 days on skin is the normal. Each fermenter is drained to separate vessels, whilst the skins are all pressed to a single tank. We let the malolactic fermentations start in tanks and gently rack to barrels soon afterwards. Barrel maturation lasts about a year – sometimes 14 or 15 months. Blending occurs by looking at individual barrels and batches. This wine was cellared for 3 years prior to release, as maturation in bottle allows the wine to develop the longevity and nuance of fine Pinot Noir.

Read the Tasting Notes here.

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